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Evaluation gives information about how successful the efforts of education have been. It helps teachers to get the information about the progress of students’ achievement  of  the  material  they  have  learned  in  order  to  make  decision. The purpose of this research is to analyze the discriminating power of EnglishSummative test at second grade of SMP N 2 Padalarang. Through thisresearch, it is hoped that the teachersor test makers can get clear description about the quality ofdiscriminating power of English summative, so theyare able to help the poorstudents.This study is categorized as descriptive analysis; because it is intended todescribe  the  objective  condition  about  the  discriminating  power  of  students’English summative test at exact semester of second grade of SMP N 2 Padalarang by analyzing the quality of English summative test items in discriminatingstudents’ achievement. This research is considered as quantitative research, becausethe researcher used some numerical data which is analyzed statistically.The finding of this study is that the English summative test which is testedat second grade of SMP N 2 Padalaranghas good discriminating power,because  35  items  ranging  from  0.25  until  0.75  (70%)  of  the  test  items  havefulfilled the criteria of a positive discriminating power.


Key words: Analysis, Discriminating Power, English Summative test


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